BQ Belvedere Hotel****

BQ Belvedere Hotel****

Situated in the Bay of Palma, 850m from Cala Mayor Beach and in a peaceful and quiet area and with a wide range of facilities available for the smallest ones, the BQ Belvedere Hotel is ideal for family holidays.

There is a full program of activities during the day and  night, for both adults and children and it has a regular and free-of-charge bus service to the Palmanova Beach.

We would like to remind you that it´s mandatory to wear the hotel´s identification bracelet during your whole stay.

Sun & Beach Hotel
Hammocks & Parasols
Towel Service
Beach Bus Service
Hair Salon
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BQ Belvedere***
Mitja lluna, 4 San Agustín
07015 - Palma de Mallorca
United States
  1. Tel. (+34) 971 401 411
  2. Fax (+34) 971 405 561
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